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What is whole healing?  

Whole Healing comes when we embrace the wisdom of both the mind and the body.  We are often so pushed and pulled by the mind that we may miss what our bodies have to tell us. 

Anna Taneburgo, Mindfulness Educator, offers several modalities to integrate both mind and body:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindful Yoga
  • Mind/Body Healing Work

The Mind/Body Healing Work is a deeply transformational experience that combines:

      · Energy Healing,

      · Mindfulness, and

      · Dialogue.

You'll learn to listen to the wisdom of your body so that you can access deeper knowing and uncover emotional barriers.  As you tap into the energy and information that connects your mind and body, you can release stress and enjoy life with greater wisdom and joy.

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In one hour sessions, Anna uses proven  methods to help you rebalance your energy and enhance self-awareness.  Developed through her 40-year career as a health and wellness  educator, counsellor and energy  practitioner, Anna's approach empowers you to take off on a safe journey of self-discovery so that you can:

        · Draw from inner wisdom

        · Attain a sense of peacefulness 

        · Live a more conscious and liberated life

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Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown and the Niagara Region.